FullContact API Version 2 Released

The team at FullContact has been hard at work these past few weeks updating the FullContact APIs, enhancing our API documentation, and adding powerful new API enpdoints to our product offering. We’ve also managed to launch the FullContact iPhone App, our newly redesigned website, and our developer site.

FullContact API Version 2 provides new data as well as much needed enhancements to the original Version 1 FullContact API. We’ve added a new section to API responses called digitalFootprint, which contains information such as influence topics and social influence scores from Klout. In an effort to make the API response data easier to work with, we’ve standardized the socialProfile fields across all social networks, to use consistent naming conventions. We’ve also removed and renamed various fields throughout the schema. For a detailed description of these changes, reference our blog post on Upcoming Changes To Our V1 Schema. Also, make sure you check out our new API documentation for detailed descriptions, example queries, and API responses.

If you’re a current FullContact API user it’s likely that you’re still using our original Version 1 Person API endpoint. We’ll be phasing out the Version 1 API on February 29th, 2012. We urge you to update your code to use the Version 2 Person API as quickly as possible, in most cases the code changes needed will be straightforward and minimal. Reference our Version 2 API documentation, our blog post on Upcoming Changes To Our V1 Schema, or email me directly at robbie@fullcontact.com if you need further help upgrading to Version 2.

We’ll be rolling out new API endpoints over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the FullContact blog and follow us on Twitter @FullContactAPI for our latest releases. Many of our new APIs will be free to use, all you need to do is sign-up for a free FullContact Developer API Key to get started.

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