FullContact Chrome Extension for Salesforce Released

Written By:
Bart Lorang

A few months back, we hosted a developer challenge to build a FullContact Google Chrome Extension for Salesforce.

Today, the early beta is available on the Chrome Webstore.  Click here to download.

The goals of the FullContact Chrome Extension were:

  1.  Enable contextual FullContact content inside of Salesforce.com without installing a Salesforce Application.
  2.  Eliminate tedious data entry with an AutoFill function.
  3.  Showcase what kind of applications are possible with the FullContact API.

We like to think of it like “Mingly, but for Salesforce”

We’ve also made it completely open source  on github.  You can get the full source here and tweak as needed.
It’s an early beta (like, version 0.1), so there are going to be several opportunities for improvement.  Feel free to email suggestions anytime to bart@fullcontact.com (or just grab the code and make a pull request!)


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