The standard full-color logo should be used on white or light background. For dark backgrounds the solid white logo should be used.

Usage Guidelines

The spacing around our logo should be a minimum of 1/3 of the logo's total height.

Please remember to never alter our logo in any way.

  • Never crop any part of the logo.
  • Never scale out of proportion.
  • Never re-color all or part of the logo.
  • Never use a pixelated or low-res logo.
  • Never use in a low-contrast situation.

Brand Colors

These are the FullContact brand colors.

  • RGB: 196,22,28
  • HEX: #c4161c
  • PANTONE: 1797
  • RGB: 0,158,187
  • HEX: #009ebb
  • PANTONE: 312
  • RGB: 65,64,66
  • HEX: #414042
  • PANTONE: Black 7
  • RGB: 255,255,255
  • HEX: #ffffff

Supporting Colors

These are the supporting colors to our brand.

  • RGB: 247,181,30
  • HEX: #f7b51e
  • PANTONE: 143
  • RGB: 108,192,73
  • HEX: #6cc049
  • PANTONE: 360
  • RGB: 240,90,34
  • HEX: #f05a22
  • PANTONE: 172
  • RGB: 128,130,133
  • HEX: #808285
  • PANTONE: Cool Gray 9

Note: Tints of all of our colors may be used alongside our standard hues.


The official typeface for FullContact is Avenir Std. It should be used for all print materials and on digital works whenever possible.

For web use Avenir should be set using @font-family with a fallback to the Google hosted Open Sans with an additional fallback to sans-serif.

Heading weight should be 600 and paragraph weight should be 300.

FullContact is one word with the first letter of Full and Contact being capitalized.