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The Best Online Address Book

Sometimes we get emails that make is feel really great. Recently we got an email from a guy named Dan who said that FullContact’s Address Book was a “great utility to set up an address book on the Chromebook”. While that’s certainly a use case that we’d considered, I’ll admit that we haven’t spent much time working toward that as a goal. So it got me thinking – What’s the best online address book?

Marketing is about listening

Marketers: Shut Up, Already.

Marketing is no longer about who has the loudest voice. If you’re interested in growing your company, make sure you’re listening. (You can start with these 5 tips.)


10 Ways to Grow Your Software Business Using Contact Information

Make User Signups Easier Long or complicated signup forms are annoying. We’ve all had the experience of downloading an app and then deciding to bounce simply because the signup form asked for too much information. User attention spans are short.  By asking for an email address and then enriching it with other contact data, you…