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Contact Sync: A Simple Problem Requiring a Complex Solution

Your contacts are aging. No, I’m not referring to people getting older, but maybe I should be. As people age they make changes in their lives. New jobs, new phones, new spouses (and thus new names) and new addresses are simply a fact of life. If you want to build a contact management system, you have to embrace this fact at the deepest level.

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Some Changes to the FullContact API

A note to our FullContact API users: First, thanks for being a FullContact API customer. The last 12 months have been awesome. You’ve helped us grow FullContact API into an ecosystem with thousands of developers processing millions upon millions of API calls every day. We have learned a lot and are always taking steps to…

Skype and Outsourcing

The Hidden Costs of Outsourcing

Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, outsourcing can give your business significant competitive advantages…but there are also some hidden costs you may not realize (and it’s not what you think).