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KiteDesk Cloud Services

Your Cloud Services Should Play Nice Together

With the recent explosion in cloud-based services, along with it has come the need for a place to organize and manage these services from one interface. Enter KiteDesk. KiteDesk, which was just released into Public Beta, is looking to tackle this problem by integrating your cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Google Apps, Twitter, and Facebook,…

12 Cloud Startups You Should Know About

At this year’s Gluecon, 12 early-stage startups have been chosen to show off their companies as part of the Alcatel-Lucent demopod competition. We were fortunate enough to be voted the best demopod company at last year’s Gluecon, back when we were still Rainmaker, and we’re looking forward to passing the torch to this year’s winner….

Glue Conference 2012

Gluecon 2012 – Cloud, Mobile, APIs, Big Data, & Developers

Gluecon 2012 begins tomorrow, and the team at FullContact is super-excited to be attending. If you’re not familiar, Gluecon is one of the most information packed developer conferences of the year. This year’s agenda focuses on the cloud, mobile applications, APIs, big data, and most importantly, developers. Topics such as NoSQL, node.js, HTML5, backend-as-a-service, cloud management…