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FullContact . . . Now With More Klout!

FullContact is pleased to feature the new Klout scores in our API response! Recently, Klout updated their algorithm to include approximately 300 new variables, resulting in a grand total of around 400 variables from seven different social networks. Also, Klout’s new algorithm takes into account more real world variables, such as the importance of a…


Company Offers Employees A “Paid,” Paid Vacation

Bart’s interview earlier today on FOX 10 Phoenix. A tech company needs workers and the perks are pretty sweet! The owner of Full Contact in Denver, Bart Lorang, is offering his employees $7,500 every year to go on vacation — a “paid” paid vacation! There are three rules: You have to go on vacation or…


FullContact on Buzz:60

Boss Offers Employees $7,500 to Go On Vacation today on @Buzz60 Bart Lorang, CEO of FullContact API, is offering his employees $7,500 to go on vacation. The catch is that they need to leave their homes, and they need to disconnect from all work — meaning no cell phones, no e-mail and no Facebook. Sounds amazing…


FullContact on FOX31 News Denver

FOX31 News came into our offices on Friday.  Here is the piece and the video. Some great stuff from Robbie Jack and Kyle Hansen in there, and as a bonus you get to see Bart’s beard in its full unshaved glory!