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LinkedIn’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad TOS

Of all of the topics that I see, LinkedIn and its practices has to be one of the most pervasive. On any given day you can find someone praising the platform while another person tears it apart. It is, perhaps, one of the most polarizing topics in the world of contacts and relationships. With over 300 million registered users worldwide, the chances of these conversations changing are pretty slim.

FullContact Two-Minute Drill - Export Competitor's Twitter Followers

A Review of Stride – An Awesome, Lightweight CRM

This week’s FullContact 2-Minute Drill focuses on Stride – a CRM that helps simplify your deal flow. It features task management, team collaboration, detailed contact insights with social profile data, and advanced funnel metrics to help you visualize where you’re at in your sales funnel. If you’re looking for an awesome sales tool, we highly…

Update Your Contact Lists for Better Networking

We’ve all known them. Those old timers in the office who know everyone. Anytime you wanted to know who to call about something, you stopped by their desk. They would spend a few minutes flipping through a Rolodex stuffed to max with worn cards identifying contacts and give you a name, a number, and usually…

Social Media Etiquette is Real World Etiquette

Whether it’s chatting with a co-worker or posting a Facebook status update, it’s your etiquette that will define whether you are listened to or ignored. If you have a friend known for awkward public comments, that individual will, undoubtedly, be just as awkward while using social media. If he or she is prone to making…