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Startups Should Have Exec Off-Sites, Too

The week before last, the FullContact exec team went on its first ever “offsite meeting.” I had been fiddling with the idea for awhile, but never made it a priority. It seemed like there was always something better we could be doing with our time. All companies have infinite ideas and finite resources. And we…

leaving the party after one drink

Leaving the Party After 1 Drink

It is with bittersweet, mixed emotions that today is my last day as a FullContact employee. Here a few bits of wisdom that you can only learn on the inside of a venture-backed startup with a very bright future.

Two Startups, The Breakfast Club, and Pure Magic

I just got done attending a Mocavo & FullContact “Breakfast Club” at TechStars Boulder. Cliff Shaw, Founder of Mocavo and fellow Foundry Group CEO, approached me a few months back.   He thought it made sense to get our tech teams together for a long 4 hour breakfast and swap knowledge. I thought it was a…

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From Basements to Brad Feld: The Story of 126 NOs and 1 Big YES

Today, we’re utterly and completely exhausted. Yesterday, our post on Paid, Paid Vacation went viral, and we were up all night responding to folks from all over the the world. We thought about a detailed blog post – ala Rand Fishkin’s from SEOMoz – on what it’s like working with Brad Feld on our financing….

Startup Weekend Kansas City Recap

One of the perks of being the Developer Evangelist at FullContact is constantly being surrounded by entrepreneurs. I spend my days at FullContact HQ, working side-by-side with some the hardest working, entrepreneurial people I know. At least a few times a week I attend local meetups, such as Boulder Denver New Tech, HTML5 Denver, DJUG,…