Founder Fights, presented by FullContact

A few months ago, my good friend David Mandell told me about a unique event he was putting together for Boulder Startup Week.

When he told me, I knew that FullContact simply HAD to be involved somehow.

The event?  

Boxing!  Yes, Boxing.

But with Startup Founders, Investors and Tech Executives in the ring, duking it out!

Now, I am all for the personal check-ins and mindfulness, but direct activation of the Lizard Brain and its Fight or Flight instinct at its core?  That’s a concept I could get behind!

David decided to call the event Founder Fights, and was looking for sponsors to help put on the event, along with PivotDesk and The Corner Boxing Club.  

And with a name like FullContact, how could we NOT consider being a sponsor? 

Especially when all the proceeds were going to charity.

So, one morning, I went to the Corner Boxing Club to meet with the owner, Carrie Barry to discuss a sponsorship.

The negotiation was brief.  I threw out a number and Carrie accepted on the spot.  

Carrie also offered to bring in my leadership team for a little training, which I gladly accepted.

Coincidentally, my CEO Coach, Jerry Colonna happened to be there that morning as well.  

That inspired this little video egging Jerry on to a fight with my friend and investor, Chris Marks.

Which prompted this awesome post by Chris Marks announcing that he was stepping into the ring for Founder Fights.

While I won’t be fighting, I can tell you – promoting fights is a helluva lot of fun!

So what are you waiting for? 

Go grab your tickets today at!

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