The Shining and Business Personality Tests

My 23 Page Psych Profile

About a month ago, we had Professor Kerry Plemmons of the Daniels College of Business at University of Denver come in to work with the FullContact Team for four hours.

The mission?  Help team members understand themselves (and each other) better using the Insights Discovery System.

Insights starts by having each individual (in advance) take a 20-minute questionnaire with 100 different questions and word associations.

Based on these results, it categorizes you, classifies you and spits out a computerized 23 page summary of your personality. Nearly everyone has reported that the results are dead on. Just more evidence that the machines have taken over and resistance is futile.

I like to call Insights “Myers-Briggs on Steroids” – and it’s a lot easier to remember (Red, Green, Yellow, Green) than letters.

The key to Insights is that everyone is all four colors all the time — it’s merely a matter of which energy individuals naturally tap more frequently than others.

To understand the insights color system at a high level, check out the second page of the FullContact Insights Color Wheel. This quickly describes each of the colors.

Then, you can check out my personal profile for some insights into my personality, how I operate and the best ways to communicate with me. It’s important to note that each profile is private information until the individual chooses to share it, but naturally, I figured my personality, with all its flaws, is best in the open for everyone to see.

At first, some of our employees were thinking ‘WTF is this corporate nonsense?‘ – but now, many of them have found significant value in the exercise.

I think it’s helped our team understand that everyone has different ways of communicating and appreciate our differences. Occasionally, I hear “that must be the [yellow/blue/red/green] energy talking” which makes me happy.

I encourage other organizations to check out Insights. Shoot me an email ( and I’ll happily introduce you to Kerry Plemmons to setup a personal session for your organization.

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