Happy Birthday Sarah, I Love You to the Moon and Back

Today is the birthday of my super awesome, amazing, outstanding, spectacular wife Sarah Lorang.

We have been together just over five years now! My, how time flies.

Parker, Bart, Sarah and Greyson at Christmas
Parker, Bart, Sarah and Greyson at Christmas

In that time, we have gone through profound change personally and professionally.

We started dating in grad school while we were both getting our MBAs at the Daniels College of Business at DU.

Sarah was working as a global Resort Manager at Exclusive Resorts.

I was an unemployed entrepreneur that was ruminating about what I would do next.

Sarah and Bart Kissing on Camels
Sarah and Bart Kissing on Camels

We were (and still are) complete opposites.

But that didn’t stop the love connection.

Sarah was skeptical of our relationship at first, so our relationship was a secret for the first few months.

Sarah's Birthday
Sarah’s Birthday 5 Years Ago when We Were Secretly Dating

We were dating at her birthday party 5 years ago, but nobody knew.

In the ensuing five years, a lot has happened. The big ones:

We moved in together.

We moved to Boulder from Denver.

We ended up settling in Boulder

We have made tons of amazing friends in Boulder

Sarah started her own successful Customer Experience consulting practice, Xenios Group (sorry, she’s not taking on any more clients).

I started FullContact – we are now at 50 employees and growing.

We got engaged and married in 2012.

We had a son, Greyson Lorang, in 2014. He is almost 9 months old!

Sarah and Bart being silly at Yoav and Lana's wedding
Sarah and Bart being silly at Yoav and Lana’s wedding

It’s hard for me to imagine my life without Sarah in it.

For those of you that know Sarah, you know just how awesome she is and how lucky I am.

Sarah is extremely empathetic and caring for the people in her life; she will always go the extra mile for someone in need.

She naturally thinks about how to take care of other people.  This is what she does.

She takes care of me through all of the daily ups and downs as an entrepreneur.

She’s an awesome mother to Greyson and to our adorable pup Parker.

Bart and Sarah's Wedding in Vail, Colorado
Bart and Sarah’s Wedding in Vail, Colorado

There’s lots to love about Sarah.

I love that Sarah falls asleep so easily when we’re watching a movie.

I love that she has never really seen Seinfeld or The Simpsons.

I love that she has never seen Indiana Jones, Star Wars, or The Godfather movies.

I love that her biggest joy in life is grabbing coffee and taking a walk around Boulder.

I love that she loves Mapleton Hill and obsesses about the house renovations.

I love that she starts planning Parker and Greyson birthday parties years in advance.

I love that she lets me be me.

I love that she never pressures me do anything I don’t want to do.

I love that she has tolerated me wearing a FullContact T-shirt daily for the vast majority of our relationship and 100% of our marriage.

I love that she is my staunchest defender.

I love that she thinks she can’t cook (when she actually is an amazing cook)

I love that she thinks she doesn’t plan parties well (when she plans them amazingly well)

Honeymoon in Bora Bora
Honeymoon in Bora Bora

I love that she always makes me bring a bottle of wine or a host gift to every friends house we go to.

I love that she thinks she’s actually taller than me (we’re both 5’11”)

I love that she posts a daily photo of Greyson on Facebook (and apologizes for it)

I love that she gave birth to our smiley, extroverted son, Greyson Lorang.

I love that she loves Boulder.

I love that she supports me in crazy ideas like Paid, PAID Vacation

I love that she went viral (over 1M re-pins on Pitnerest) with her Apple Pies Baked in Apple post.

I love that she encourages me to spend time with my oldest, closest friends – and take boys-only vacations with them.

I love that she is terrified of driving in snow.

I love that she loves the mountains so much.

I love that we’re building a life together.

Happy Birthday, Sarah.  I love you to the moon and back.

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