Thoughts From Denver Startup Week

Startup Community = Doerocracy

It’s Denver Startup Week and the energy in Downtown Denver is off the charts.

This week, there are over 125 events with over 5,000 attendees participating in a 100% free virtual conference spread across Denver.

It’s all about startups, and it’s awesome.

This morning, I spoke on a panel with Brad Feld, Phil Weiser, Erik Mitisek and Christine Hudson about the new Startup Colorado Community Fund.

Phil asked the panel for advice on how to get plugged in and help.  When it got to me, my response was simple:

Our startup community is a Doerocracy.  If you get shit done, you can be a leader.

I made up the word Doerocracy on the spot, but I think it describes the dynamic well.

There is no Vice President of Membership to the Startup Community.

It’s open to all that want to participate.

If you want to be a leader, simply DO stuff.  Don’t ask anyone else’s permission.  That’s what a Doerocracy is.

This is the essence of the message delivered in Brad Feld’s book on Startup Communities.  If you haven’t picked it up already, I suggest you do.


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