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Grow your tech startup using contact information

10 Ways to Grow Your Software Business Using Contact Information

Written By:
Matt Hubbard

Contact information is the lifeblood of any business. Here’s how you can use it more effectively to accelerate your company’s growth

1. Make User Signups Easier

Long or complicated signup forms are annoying. We’ve all had the experience of downloading an app and then deciding to bounce simply because the signup form asked for too much information. User attention spans are short. By asking for an email address and then enriching it with other contact data, you can forego asking users annoying questions which might lead them to bounce.

2. Segment Your Users

A name and email address won’t let you do much in the way of segmentation. Complete social profiles, on the other hand, allow you to segment your customers in just about any way you like – by social media presence, influence, engagement, location, age, gender, and more. Every business and every app is different, requiring customized metrics for success.

3. Measure Influence

As we’ve said before, some users are more important than others. All users deserve your attention, but some deserve more of it. Using Klout Scores and Topics, along with less nuanced indicators like number of Twitter followers, can help you identify your most influential users and spend more time connecting with them rather than spreading your time equally.

4. Learn What Your Users Care About

Here at FullContact, we regularly watch Twitter for any mentions of our company. We also follow a lot of our most thoughtful users so we can keep tabs on their ideas. Monitoring this stream is a great window into the needs of your users. Do your users regularly complain about certain common app features? Are they constantly tweeting that no one in the market has solved a particular issue? That might be your next business opportunity. If you aren’t enriching the email addresses of your users, it’s harder to follow them and open up this channel of valuable information.

5. Research Your Business Leads

Before you email or call someone, it’s a good idea to get to know their public persona. What is their job title? What is their career history on LinkedIn? Are they Tweeting about relevant issues? For example, would you want to pitch someone on a product within a few days of him tweeting about how great your competitor is? Complete social profiles allow you to prepare for important interactions and avoid pitfalls.

6. Include Pictures

They are indeed worth a thousand words. Pictures humanize any app that includes contact information, making it more visually accessible. Users would rather see current pictures of their contacts than just a name and email address. Internally, your customer service reps are more likely to provide good service if they can see a customer’s face during a chat, phone call, or email exchange. See SnapEngage’s new web client for a great example of how pictures can help to personalize and improve customer service.

7. Allow Users to Discover More About their Contacts

In the same way that you, as a software or service provider, want to know more about your customers, your customers want to know more about their contacts. Supplementing basic contact information with data from social networks provides a far richer experience for your users. Gild included these profiles in its new suite of tools to help prospective employers get to know their potential hires within their applicant tracking system and other tools.

8. Make Lasting Connections

Often, you or your users don’t have time to research a particular contact when you first see them. However, you want to keep them on your radar. Including links to social URLs in an interface offers the option of quickly following or friending the contact and then getting back to the task at hand. On a more general level, users will appreciate when your software allows them to make business or personal connections. Providing social links is a quick way to add valuable functionality to your product.

9. Create Backup Channels of Communication

Ever had an important email kicked back to you? For example, when you were trying to answer a user’s customer support question, or maybe reach out to a sales lead. Enriching your contacts offers redundant channels of communication in case something goes wrong. As they say in the military, “Two is one, and one is none.” If you don’t have a backup, you’ve got nothing.

10. Scrub Your Email Lists

Email lists degrade at the rate of 25 percent per year. If your company or your users have large email lists and marketing campaigns, you need to scrub those lists to maximize ROI. Otherwise, you’re wasting emails on contacts that don’t exist, or on incorrect addresses. More importantly, you can use contact information to segment these lists into different groups and tailor your marketing content to those groups, making your content more effective.

So, now that you’ve seen the evidence, how do you integrate contact information into your software?

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