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Archive for November, 2013

Data is always old - it's just a question of how old

Data Decay and the Illusion of the Present

Look at the nearest clock. It will give you a number that you will then associate with the word “now”. You might say to yourself, “it’s now 1:23 PM”. You might think about how lunch has left you in a mild food coma and perhaps you should go get that cup of coffee and perhaps one of those tasty cookie things that Sean brought in from home…

Ok, now look again. Has your definition of “now” changed?

How to sync more than one google account with Android

How to Sync Multiple Google Accounts with Android

One of the interesting requests that we get pretty often here at FullContact is people who have multiple Gmail accounts and they want to sync all of them with an Android device. This seems like an easy task, because a Google account is required to use Android fully, but there is a bit of confusion when it comes to having multiple accounts and choosing which one does what.

You have 30 days to convert a customer

From the Playbook – You Have 30 Days to Convert a Customer

There’s a great piece this week from the folks over at Intercom that talks about the timeline that you have for turning a lead into a paying customer. While it does cover some of the basics that we all should know by now, there’s some in-depth discussion that’s definitely worth your time to read. In the article, Alan O’Rourke goes into the conversion metrics for many of your favorite companies like Twitter and Dropbox.

How social data improves email marketing

How Social Data Lets You Create Better Email Campaigns

Lean in for a few minutes and read carefully. I’m about to share a secret with you. It’s the secret upon which we’ve built a good part of our business here at FullContact, so it’s something that we take very seriously: Most email sucks, and it’s pretty easy to make it better.