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Archive for January, 2014

Kitedesk Review

KiteDesk: Add Social Data and CRM Automation to Your Sales Process

One of the biggest barriers to CRM use in any company is getting people to actually keep it updated. KiteDesk has an innovative answer to the problem, and it can help you to close more sales in in the process. By pulling in social profile information from the websites you’re already using, KiteDesk gives you a more complete picture of your contacts and then uses its CRM automation to import that data directly into Salesforce.

Gary Vaynerchuk on relationship management

Gary Vaynerchuk Shares his Biggest Secret to Relationship Management [Video]

We continue our interview series this week with entrepreneur, author, speaker and hustler Gary Vaynerchuk. The man who turned a small wine store into a multi-million dollar online business tells us what he finds important in relationship management. Oh, and he drops us a hint about what he’s building next. Make sure to pick up a copy of Gary’s new book, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook so you can read the story of social media failures and get an outline for success.

KarmaCRM relationship management app review

KarmaCRM is the Easiest CRM You’ll Ever Use: 2-Minute Drill

One of the hardest things about picking a CRM system for your company is finding something that speaks your language. Is that person a lead, a customer or just a contact? Will that note that you made on them translate into something useful later on? How much time will you actually save if you use it? The guys from KarmaCRM felt those pains, and so they created an application with simplicity at its core.

FullContact acquires Cobook

FullContact Acquires Cobook with Pot, Ski Passes and Dogecoin

I’m thrilled to announce that FullContact has acquired Cobook. As part of the acquisition, the entire Cobook Team will be moving from Riga, Latvia to Denver, Colorado. Kaspars Dancis, the CEO of Cobook, will be taking over responsibility of the entire FullContact Address Book platform.

Kloudless review

Kloudless Brings Dropbox, SkyDrive and More to Your Gmail

I’m on a bit of a Gmail productivity kick lately, so this week’s 2 Minute Drill will follow that same path. My main computer is a MacBook Air with a paltry 128 GB of internal storage. As such, I have a lot of stuff that I back up in cloud file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. But unless I have all of those files synchronized to my local machine, they’re a bit of a pain to work with. But Kloudless takes that pain away, adding cloud storage directly to your email.

Sanebox Email Management Review

SaneBox Makes Your Email Inbox Bearable Again

If email isn’t driving you crazy just yet then I’d like to welcome you to the Internet because you must be new here. 145 billion email messages are sent every day, yet there are only 2 billion email users worldwide. What’s worse? Over sixty percent of those messages are completely non-essential. Fortunately there’s SaneBox, and it could be exactly the tool you’ve been waiting for.