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Archive for February, 2014

Small business CRMs

Small Business CRMs: Where to Start?

When you’re running a small business, the choices of CRMs are overwhelming. Do you go with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics? Or something smaller? Read on to see our recommendations.

SocialRank review

Find Your Most Valuable Twitter Followers with SocialRank

Your company has amassed a pretty nice group of followers on Twitter. But how can you tell which ones are going to be most beneficial to it? While many brands turn to Klout to get insight about their followers, a new application called SocialRank takes a slightly different approach. In this week’s Two-Minute Drill we’ll dive in and show you what you’ll find.

Android Business Card Reader

Announcing FullContact’s Business Card Reader for Android

Today we’re excited to announce FullContact Card Reader for Android. It’s the easiest way for Android users to add business cards to their device or into Salesforce. Just snap a photo of a card, then real people will transcribe it for you. Accurate contact data is added back to your phone.

Selligy sales app review

Selligy Gets the Sales Data You Need into the Palm of Your Hand

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the simplification of CRM and how to make them work better for you. In this week’s Two Minute Drill we’re going to take a quick look at Selligy, a mobile CRM that focuses not only on making your meetings great, but also on keeping your life simple.

What this CEO Learned from a Day on the Help Desk

I like to say: “Startups are hard. Scaling a startup is even harder.”

Scaling equals more people. More people equals more complexity. More complexity equals more communication challenges, and when it comes to communication, nobody has figured out how to invent the Borg collective yet (but the folks over at Google are trying).

FullContact Two-Minute Drill - Export Competitor's Twitter Followers

Refresh: Add Context to Your Calendar with Personal Dossiers

The funny thing about connected lives is that the more that we are connected online, the harder it is to keep up with people in the real world. Refresh is an application that acts like your personal assistant, giving you a full introduction to the people you’re about to meet so that you never have a cold introduction again.

Get better at building rapport

From the Playbook: Get Better at Creating Rapport

It’s the era of relationship-based selling…and relationships in general. Web 2.0 may have brought everything into one place, but ironically the world seemed a bit more disjointed. Building rapport is the first step to engaging in a relationship, and S. Anthony Iannarino has some amazing tips on helping you to break through the ice.