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Archive for April, 2014

Card Reader for iOS v3.0

FullContact Card Reader 3.0 Adds Tags, Boosts Performance and Much More

FullContact Card Reader users who were scanning business cards into Salesforce have had the ability to classify their contacts, and we wanted to extend that function to other users as well. So with the version 3.0 release of FullContact Card Reader, we’ve added a Tag functionality that integrates directly with your FullContact Address Book.

Linkedin's terms of service

LinkedIn’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad TOS

Of all of the topics that I see, LinkedIn and its practices has to be one of the most pervasive. On any given day you can find someone praising the platform while another person tears it apart. It is, perhaps, one of the most polarizing topics in the world of contacts and relationships. With over 300 million registered users worldwide, the chances of these conversations changing are pretty slim.

Attentively Review is Social Media Marketing Done Right is a social media marketing platform that focuses on the data that drives conversions, instead of just conversations. As we discussed in a post last week, the real value of social media is that it’s a source of data. But when you combine that data with the tools that you’re already using, you find yourself with a massively powerful platform.

What is the real value of social media

Uncovering the True Value of Social Media

It’s been an interesting week around the FullContact office. We believe pretty heavily in the power of social data. So when a post comes around that challenges the tenets of social marketing, we sit up and notice.

Solving contact sync programmatically

Contact Sync: A Simple Problem Requiring a Complex Solution

Your contacts are aging. No, I’m not referring to people getting older, but maybe I should be. As people age they make changes in their lives. New jobs, new phones, new spouses (and thus new names) and new addresses are simply a fact of life. If you want to build a contact management system, you have to embrace this fact at the deepest level.

productivity killers

7 Ways to Kill Your Productivity

We’ve been on a bit of a serious kick here on the FullContact blog lately, discussing CRM, deep technology topics, and (of course) products to make your life easier. But today we’re going to take a break from that to address some things that you’re doing to yourself that are killing your daily productivity.