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Archive for May, 2014

Scan Business Cards into Evernote

Card Reader: A Better Way to Scan Business Cards into Evernote

We love what the folks over at Evernote are doing and we are big fans of their products. But to be honest, what they are doing with business cards makes me scratch my head. In general, are contacts something that belong in the form of a note? Something about that just doesn’t feel natural or at all convenient, given you likely have your contacts synced with other systems and devices.

How to kill business cards

We Just Can’t Seem to Kill the Business Card

I’ve been thinking about business cards a lot lately. Ever since we heard that LinkedIn killed CardMunch, we’ve seen massive growth in the number of people turning to FullContact Card Reader. That leads me to only one conclusion – You all hate business cards as much as we do. But that raises the question as to why nobody has (at least not yet) found a better solution.

Scan Business Card and Connect on LinkedIn

Scan a Business Card to Connect on LinkedIn with FullContact Card Reader

Recently we announced our integration of FullContact Card Reader with Zapier. We thought it would be fun to share a few Zap ideas that can be done with this integration. So, we’ll get things started with a heavy hitter. The third most requested feature on our forum was to add the ability to send a contact an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

The 5 Best business card printers

The 5 Best Business Card Printing Services

Love them or hate them, business cards are one of those things that aren’t going away anytime soon (contrary to the claims that you’ll hear just about every week). Faced with that reality, the question then arises as to where you should go to get the cards that are going to stand out rather than getting thrown out.

Boomerang Calendar Review

Schedule Group Meetings from Gmail with Boomerang Calendar

If you’ve been on the Internet any time at all, chances are pretty good that you’ve had the displeasure of trying to coordinate meeting times between different people over email. Unless you happen to have access to another person’s calendar, it’s not the easiest of tasks. But Boomerang Calendar has proven to be absolutely invaluable to me, so I wanted to make sure that you knew about it as well.

Everyone In Your Company Should Know Your Elevator Pitch

If you ask anyone around FullContact what it is that we do, you’ll get pretty much the same answer – We’re solving the world’s contact information problem. The details might change, depending upon which of our products you’re talking about, but the pitch is still the same. It isn’t hammered into our heads, but we know it because we’re all aware that our job titles don’t matter when we’re talking to a customer.

Sweetprocess Employee Onboarding

SweetProcess Makes Knowledge Sharing Easier Than Ever

As your business grows, one of the problems that you’ll almost undoubtedly run into is finding the best way to share information on procedures around your company. Great SOPs (standard operating procedures) are core to making sure that everyone is trained the same way, has access to the same information and is distributing that information in the designated way. SweetProcess is the best way we’ve seen to make sure that your SOPs are accessible and always up to date.