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Archive for June, 2014

Swiss army knife of business tools

WORK[etc] Is the Swiss Army Knife of Business Management Tools

One of the great parts about the modern Internet is how it allows teams to work from anywhere, using pieces of software as they need them. However this same factor is also leading to what I lovingly call “SaaS Creep”. We sign up for a service, use it for a while and then forget about it while we keep paying for it. WORK[etc] is a tool that can keep your distributed team organized, while simultaneously helping you to avoid SaaS Creep.

Product Managers: Should You Build or Should You Buy?

One of the eternal questions for any product owner is whether it’s better to build the solution that they need or to buy something that already works. It’s a question that we see here at FullContact pretty often, especially when it comes to reading business cards. We offer an open source version of our FullContact Card Reader, so we have had numerous discussions with developers about the “build versus buy” decision. With that in mind, here’s what we’ve found to be the most pressing choices for anyone facing the same question.

How to scan business cards into RelateIQ

Scan a Business Card, Build a Relationship with RelateIQ

We’re always fans of great tools, and RelateIQ has been a favorite for quite some time. In fact, we even recommended RelateIQ as one of our choices for medium-sized business CRMs. Now the team has made it even easier to build and manage relationships by integrating FullContact’s Card Reader application to RelateIQ using Zapier.

Stack of letters

Owletter Keeps Tabs on Your Competition’s Email Marketing

Let’s start off by killing the idea that email marketing is dead. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Changes to how many providers handle emails have forced marketers to become more genuine and to work harder, but all that’s happened is that the bar has been raised.

LinkedIn Kills Rapportive

RIP Rapportive – LinkedIn Kills the Features That Made it Great

In case you missed the news yesterday, LinkedIn is throwing Rapportive to the deadpool. OK, so maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic, but I’ve been a big fan of Rapportive since way back in my tech blogger days when I helped to introduce it to the world. Since being acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, the app has languished a bit. Unfortunately, the big updates that we’re going to see soon are almost all for the worse.

Scan Business Cards to vCard Files in Dropbox

How to Scan Business Cards to vCard Files on Dropbox

Recently we announced our integration of FullContact Card Reader with Zapier. Since then we’ve been sharing a few Zap ideas that can be done with this integration. We get asked frequently how to get scanned business cards into vCard files for use in other systems. This solution is automated and works like a charm!

MobileDevHQ Logo

What’s In Your SaaS Stack – MobileDevHQ

We’re back once again, talking about the SaaS apps that help companies stay ahead of the competition. This week we’re talking to Ian Sefferman of MobileDevHQ, a company that has cracked the code (so to speak) of app marketplace SEO.

Has LinkedIn Lost Its Way?

Has LinkedIn Lost Its Way?

I signed in to LinkedIn today. I do that every couple of weeks, usually to slog through the connection requests. But as I was looking at the site, I had to question whether or not the company has simply lost its way. These days it seems that LinkedIn is far less about creating a network that you can rely on and much more about “hey, look at me!”

Gmail Meter Email Stats

Gmail Meter Uses Stats to Help Form Better Email Habits

There’s never a day that goes by that I don’t think “man am I ever buried in email”. But now I can prove it thanks to Gmail Meter. OK, so Gmail Meter does quite a bit more than just prove how much email is coming through your inbox. In fact, if you put it to work for you, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself being more productive.