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Archive for April, 2015

FullContact Adds Multiple Google Account Sync

Ever since we started getting feedback on FullContact, our most-requested feature has been the ability to sync the contacts in two Google accounts together, to make them identical. Today we’re excited to bring that feature to life, easing the pain that so many of you have dealt with for entirely too long.

How Will Facebook’s Changes Impact FullContact?

We know that you love using FullContact to get a complete picture of the people in your address book. We wanted to let you know that on April 30th of 2015, Facebook will be restricting what you see about other Facebook users in applications like FullContact.

Introducing the FullContact Company API

The Person API has proven itself to be the world’s most powerful tool for adding publicly-accessible data about people, and today we’re doing the same thing for companies with the FullContact Company API.