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Archive for October, 2015

FullContact for Android

Introducing FullContact for Android

Today, we’re pleased to announce that FullContact for Android is now available! FullContact for Android brings the magic of FullContact to your Android device. Add photos to contacts, remove duplicates, connect social profiles and more.

What Marketers Need to Know About Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

When I was in college studying marketing, the textbooks tried to teach me that marketing is more about understanding people and less about understanding technology and data. That’s still true. If your marketing stack is highly sophisticated and your messages aren’t reaching people emotionally, you won’t see an ROI on your technology investments. That being…

Hiring for cultural compatibility in a startup is key

As FullContact’s Chief People Officer and the newest member of the team, I’m blown away by the large amount of employment interest we receive week in and week out. FullContact’s fabulous brand speaks for itself and the essence of that brand is something that starts from within. One of our core brand values is being awesome with…