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Archive for April, 2017

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[Webinar Recap] Identity Resolution: The Power to Fully Connect with Customers

In a recent webinar, FullContact’s Rick Porter and featured guest Joe Stanhope, VP & Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, shared how smart marketers are tapping into the wellspring of data using identity resolution. Identity resolution is a data management process through which disparate customer data sets and fragments are unified into complete identities, creating a full profile of each customer. This allows seamless communication with your customers across various channels.

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Wrangling the Wild West

Growing up in a startup has been amazing. I had the fortune of joining FullContact in it’s infancy when things were still the wild west. We slung code as fast as we could write it, watched it fly onto production servers and scrambled to deliver bug fixes in a recursive fashion. All of us were on call and would collectively receive the pages day or night. It was all part of the gig and we embraced it.