Know the Person Behind the Lead and Watch Your Sales Soar

“The one who understands people better is the one who wins.”
–Simon Sinek

In the digital age of the consumer, people want more from the brands selling to them–they want you to know who they are, including their role, interests, and needs. Prospects expect you to understand them first. This makes engaging and converting leads more difficult, which might explain why some estimates report only 22 percent of companies are satisfied with their conversion rates.

If you don’t know your leads or have outdated information, you don’t just lose a customer; you potentially get a negative story heard around the world on social platforms.

And this is where identity-based lead enrichment comes into play. Identity resolution provides rich lead intelligence by integrating disparate data, both online and offline, related to one person. That’s how you build a relationship that will warm up a potential customer to inspire them on the path to purchase. After all, the best sales experience involves making a person feel like they are purchasing from another person.

Identity Overcomes Lead Challenges

If you do not know who your customer is, how can you create relevant conversations and experiences that motivate them to act?

Traditional data sources fall short—they provide leads, but they don’t create a complete picture of your prospect. They also don’t facilitate developing brand connections with customers. If you invest in the right audience—and the right person— from the start, you improve the return on your campaigns.

With identity resolution from FullContact, you possess the power to understand prospects’ interests using enriched lead data to build complete profiles.  You take advantage of over two billion people profiles and twenty million company profiles to leverage a holistic view of the human behind the lead.

Most lead enrichment vendors supply job title and organization level. They fail to recognize and acknowledge that your best leads are real humans on the other side of the phone or email. Each prospect has a unique story–they have individual interests that might include college baseball teams, reading TechCrunch, outdoor apparel, or spending vacations in the Bahamas. By accessing these details, you gain an opportunity to capture attention and move leads along the customer journey.

Sample customer insights gained from lead enrichment include the following:

  • Lifestyle affinity: bargain seekers, health & fitness, professional, travel, food & wine, fashion & style, luxury, technology, sports enthusiast, and home living
  • Product affinity: apparel, jewelry & watches, computers & tablets, electronics, wearables, real estate, financial services, digital services, pet supplies, restaurants, groceries, etc.
  • Brand and competitor affinity: social competitor and direct brand engagement
  • Psychographic characteristics: activity, interest, opinion, attitudes, values, behavior
  • Additional data:  media engagement, photos, device usage, language spoken

Transformation That Yields Real Results

Lead enrichment provides plenty of opportunities to improve the business of sales. What works in today’s business environment is finding unique ways to attract people to your business. You want to gain insight on a one-to-one level to get them naturally interested in you, your company, and what you have to offer. You understand leads at a deeper level to develop engagement strategies and improve sales activities.

Identity linking
Understanding the person behind the lead, and merging or resolving their fragmented profile (think about how many email accounts and social handles you possess) is not as easy as it used to be. Perhaps the most powerful capability in the lead enrichment arsenal, identity linking allows organizations to turn partial leads into full records, complete with the previously mentioned lifestyle, behavioral, headshots and interest insights.

By establishing a single, verified identity that can be used to link social, device, online and offline records, you create an identifier key to link data and stitch together a complete profile. Identity linking allows both B2B and B2C enterprises to build robust profiles based on multiple data sources and interactions. Granular customer data can be appended to your lead so you can execute acquisition tactics.

Enrichment Across Systems
The proliferation of CRM use, in combination with inbound marketing and data purchases, has resulted in a bounty of business leads. The problem is, they are often inaccurate due to data entry, lack of attributable data, or lack uniformity. Identity resolution automates augmenting CRM, marketing automation, data warehouse, and any other systems data with additional attributes, improves data recency, and provides data consistency for sales reps and executives.

You gain a cleaner, more accurate database that allows your staff to spend more time focused on sales and less time performing data entry. FullContact searches through millions of data sources from across the internet to find lead attributes that add actionable insight.

Streamlined Lead Forms
Streamline form submissions to see your leads grow. The number of form fields you add directly decreases conversions because people get turned off by the amount of information they are asked to provide.  In addition, you don’t have to ask for the info people dislike sharing. According to Search Engine People, reducing the number of form fields to four or under increases conversions 160 percent.

With FullContact, when a visitor fills out a form on a website or landing page, they only have to answer a few form fields, such as first and last name, company, and email. It allows you to get instant information, such as a social links, demographics, job title, location, industry, company size, and more, with just a few fields supplied by your audience.

Accelerated Progressive Profiling
With FullContact, you dramatically cut the time involved in progressive profiling. You can quickly acquire a wealth of lead intelligence, reducing the risk of turning customers away by asking too many questions too soon, in the wrong order, or the wrong questions altogether. In addition, you can develop form fields for multiple personas, ensuring you ask the right questions of the right person.

Using FullContact lead enrichment, you can pinpoint content of interest to your prospect. For example, if you sell data solutions and discover that your prospect has the title of VP of Email Marketing, you can provide an executive level eBook, versus a more technical white paper.

Automatic Card Reader
Even in the digital economy, leveraging contact data from printed cards to build out profiles is still a mostly manual process. But what if it wasn’t? And what if you could do more than just digitize the date? What if you could inject it into your sales and marketing systems to build or append profiles? FullContact allows you to get the most out of every business card you collect–quickly and easily.

From Leads to Sales

Understanding your potential customers as people is the first step to creating a successful sales journey. FullContact’s identity resolution allows you to market, sell, and serve your clients better through rich demographic, psychographic, professional, and firmographic data. Moreover, it provides access to over 2B profiles, meaning you have the richest resource for attaining a holistic view.

You can use identity data to build accurate customer profiles and fuel your sales and marketing strategy. It lets you connect your target buyers to their devices, their social profiles, and their demographic, psychographic, and professional data to create a data-rich profile.

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