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Archive for September, 2018

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5 Types of Marketing You Can Improve with Audience Data Insights

Creating innovative, viral marketing strategies aren’t as easy as the big brands make it seem. For every viral video or heartwarming brand story, there are hundreds of simple marketing efforts performing well because of great marketing strategies. And at the core of those strategies are accurate insights on specific audiences that inform messaging and ad…

Rethinking customer connections at Connect ‘18

At its core, the Connect conference is all about authentic human connection. This event is an open forum where world-class speakers deliver strategies that focus on creating authentic relationships. Attendees gain extensive knowledge on customer success, marketing technology, and entrepreneurial innovations over two days of engaging sessions. In June, hundreds of professionals gathered in Denver…

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Here’s What Effective Personalization Across the Buyer’s Journey Looks Like

How many of us can say we interact with our customers, with personalized communication, throughout the entire customer journey? As the Director of Lifecycle Marketing at FullContact, I can tell you firsthand — creating a one-to-one relationship with a customer or prospect has moved beyond the occasional birthday email. Using first-party data isn’t enough to…