Takeaways from KNOW Identity’s Don’t Track Me Bro’

FullContact CEO Chris Harrison recently took part in One World Identity’s KNOW Identity digital forum, “Don’t Track Me Bro’: The Future of Identity Graphing.” 

Moderated by One World Identity’s CEO & Founder Travis Jarae, the panel included Harrison, Jenna Pilgrim, Co-Founder & CEO of Streambed Media, Brian Burke, VP of Product of Infutor. The four discussed how identity graph providers and their clients are adjusting to an uncertain landscape in the face of both regulatory and technological headwinds.

Toward the end of the panel, Jarae asks the guests to make a prediction for the future of the industry. Chris touches upon a topic that’s foundational at FullContact, the importance of embracing privacy. 

Chris’s prediction is that the companies who recognize that no matter what kind of product or service they deal in–if they collect data, they’re a data company. And those that lean into privacy will survive and thrive. Those who don’t embrace privacy won’t exist anymore. This possibility isn’t just for smaller companies, but larger entities who have been around in AdTech/MarTech for years. 

The way forward includes personal responsibility within your company. Chris ended his time with a request, to be a pillar within your organization. To do things the right way, and with the best interest of other people at the core. Carry that spirit forward and control your own customer journey, not simply foisting it upon a third-party to possibly mismanage. 

Interested in what else Chris, Jenna, and Brian discuss? Watch the full forum here

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