Kloudless review

Kloudless Brings Dropbox, SkyDrive and More to Your Gmail

I’m on a bit of a Gmail productivity kick lately, so this week’s 2 Minute Drill will follow that same path. My main computer is a MacBook Air with a paltry 128 GB of internal storage. As such, I have a lot of stuff that I back up in cloud file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. But unless I have all of those files synchronized to my local machine, they’re a bit of a pain to work with. But Kloudless takes that pain away, adding cloud storage directly to your email.

What Does Kloudless Do?

Kloudless is an extension for Chrome or Firefox that, once installed, connects with your file storage services. Then, when you’re inside of your Gmail, you can save, attach and manipulate files from the same window. No more tab flipping! The company is also working on Kloudless for Outlook, but it’s not yet available to the public.

As you can see from the screenshot, Kloudless supports most of the file storage that you’re already using. There is not yet a way, unfortunately, to connect a service that isn’t listed. Hopefully the company will find a way to support private or alternative cloud services in the future.

Making it Work

While the ability to save and attach files directly to your cloud storage is nifty, real story for me is the automation that is available. You can choose to simply copy a file to your storage, or you can set up a number of rules such as files of a certain type, or from a particular sender.

What’s particularly handy for me is the filter for files of a certain size. I often get PDFs and other files that are multiple megabytes. With Kloudless, I can have those files never actually hit my inbox, and instead just save to Dropbox. With a minuscule amount of onboard storage, I’m more than happy to have that process happen for me.

In Your Email

The other killer feature for Kloudless is how it handles files that you want to attach. Instead of tab flipping to find the file, download it locally and then attach it to your email, you can browse different services from directly within the email that you’re writing. It looks like this:

As you can see, I’m currently browsing my SkyDrive, but with just a click I can look in my Google Drive or Dropbox. The folders appear just as they do inside of each service’s web interface.

All in all, Kloudless is just an incredibly handy service, and it’s one that I’m glad to have had sent my way. We’re all for making life easier, and anything that can lasso in the wealth of services that I’m using into a single interface is a winner in my book. Give Kloudless a try and let us know what you think.

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