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Announcing Inspire Denver

Written By:
Jake Cohen

At FullContact we have an expression we use internally – it serves as our North Star. It is simply to Be Awesome With People. It guides everything we do: who we hire, what decisions we make, how we work with our customers, and what products we choose to build.

Be Awesome With People is the inspiration for our new quarterly event: Inspire Denver. We are partnering with our friends at General Assembly to bring Inspire Denver to the city, as a high-impact community of influential men and women. Each quarter we will get together to hear from one Denverite who is pursuing their dreams, focusing on the future without forgetting the past, and turning ideas into action every day. At Inspire Denver the goal is to help people-focused professionals Be Awesome with People and Awesome with Self. We also will make sure there are plenty of opportunities to Fully Connect with fellow Denverites (see what I did there?).

spruce_logoAt our first Inspire Denver we will be welcoming Taylor Romero as our highlight professional. Taylor is the founder, CEO, and of Spruce: a Menswear Boutique and Barbershop and SpruceTech in Denver. Like FullContact, Spruce is a TechStars graduate. We will be diving into Taylor’s stories and experience to learn some of the lessons he has gathered. Taylor has great insights into making experiences that are truly amazing for customers!

We are really excited to bring this event to Denver, and we hope you will join us!

You can find more information and register here.

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