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Attentive.ly is Social Media Marketing Done Right

It could be said that marketing is equal parts art and science. But Attentive.ly seems to be pushing that needle more toward the science side of the scale.

Attentive.ly is a social media marketing platform that focuses on the data that drives conversions, instead of just conversations. As we discussed in a post last week, the real value of social media is that it’s a source of data. But when you combine that data with the tools that you’re already using, you find yourself with a massively powerful platform.

What is Attentive.ly

The gist is that Attentive.ly makes sure that you’re watching what’s important when it comes to social. By allowing you to quickly segment VIPs, see what’s trending across networks, track keywords and find conversations related to your brand, Attentive.ly truly gives you that 360 degree picture of your customers.

But the real magic is that it then ties in directly with your CRM, making that data actionable outside of simply replying to a tweet or Facebook post. Attentively also lets you export the data that you’ve found into killer infographics that show reach, influential people, popular locations and more.

The way we see it, Attentive.ly puts the power of social to work for you in a way that just makes sense. By focusing on the complete picture and then integrating with your existing tools, it proves itself as a valuable tool in your arsenal. Whether you’re just getting started in social marketing, or if you’re an expert ninja rockstar, it’s definitely worth a look.

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