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FullContact Card Reader Sunset

Saying Goodbye to Card Reader

To create a better experience for our users, today we’re sunsetting Card Reader and rolling its functionality into our flagship FullContact apps.

FullContact Acquires Conspire

FullContact Acquires Conspire

Today we’re excited to announce that FullContact has acquired Conspire. Together, we’ll offer a more powerful way to unlock your professional network and fully connect with contacts.

FullContact logo

Continuing the Journey

Today, we announced that we’ve raised another $25M in capital from Foundry Group, Baird Capital, Shea Ventures and Blue Note Ventures.

Introducing FullContact for iPhone and iPad

Announcing FullContact for iPhone and iPad

In January of 2014, we announced that FullContact acquired Cobook – the unified address book for iPhone, iPad and Mac. For the past 12 months, and with some blood, sweat and tears, we have been hard at work to fulfill our promise of integrating Cobook and FullContact to deliver the best possible experience for all our users. Here are some of the things we achieved as a unified company for those of you who use iPhones and iPads.

What this CEO Learned from a Day on the Help Desk

I like to say: “Startups are hard. Scaling a startup is even harder.”

Scaling equals more people. More people equals more complexity. More complexity equals more communication challenges, and when it comes to communication, nobody has figured out how to invent the Borg collective yet (but the folks over at Google are trying).

FullContact acquires Cobook

FullContact Acquires Cobook with Pot, Ski Passes and Dogecoin

I’m thrilled to announce that FullContact has acquired Cobook. As part of the acquisition, the entire Cobook Team will be moving from Riga, Latvia to Denver, Colorado. Kaspars Dancis, the CEO of Cobook, will be taking over responsibility of the entire FullContact Address Book platform.

Escape from LinkedIn

Escape from LinkedIn

This isn’t just a LinkedIn problem. All of these platforms want you to communicate solely within them. It’s the balkanization of communication protocols, and it’s killing the Internet.