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The 5 Best business card printers

The 5 Best Business Card Printing Services

Love them or hate them, business cards are one of those things that aren’t going away anytime soon (contrary to the claims that you’ll hear just about every week). Faced with that reality, the question then arises as to where you should go to get the cards that are going to stand out rather than getting thrown out. We took a look at over 30 different websites for business card printing, and distilled them down to the best. So without further ado, here’s the list you need to know.

How We Judged

A vendor had to meet a few criteria in order to be on this list. There are literally thousands of places that you can get business cards printed, but even light requirements narrow down the field pretty quickly.

Quality – Crap cards are cheap. They also get ruined faster, won’t stand up to any sort of abuse and get thrown away more often.

Templates AND Original Art – This is important. Sometimes you don’t have a great idea or logo, but you still need a card. You shouldn’t have to search around. Every vendor on this list has the option to do stock offerings or upload your own artwork.

Quick Shipping – You’re planning for the trip in 10 days and just realized you’re out of cards. These people can fix your problem.

The Names to Know

Moo – Tried and True

Moo has been a personal favorite of mine for the past couple of years. Its intuitive, simple designer works really well. The company can also do an entire box of cards with different designs. Oh, and Moo mini cards are the best thing ever. If you use a business card holder, you can fit twice as many cards into the same amount of space.

The favoritism for Moo is almost universal, but sometimes you need more than just slick design and small cards. Looking for the rest of the story? Here you go.

VistaPrint – Options Abound

The beauty of VistaPrint is in its selection. The icing on the cake is its price. You can do anything from free cards (with a VistaPrint logo on the back) to raised print, metallic and even folded cards. The company also offers a bevy of other products, including clothing, postcards and magnets that can all use the same art as your cards.

While VistaPrint is one of those sites that we all know and love by now, it doesn’t exactly cater to the higher end of design. If that’s what’s on your mind, check out the next entry.

Taste of Ink – Design in the Details

Taste of Ink is a favorite because it’s about as close to bespoke as you can get with a business card. The company’s designers can walk you through every piece of the design process until you end up with an amazing card like this one:

It’s not often that we see cards that are worthy of being framed, but these are just gorgeous. Looking for something a bit more eco-conscious? Here you go.

Jukebox – For the Earth (and more!)

We’re a Colorado company, so staying green is pretty important to us. Jukebox’s recycled cards are great for those who are a bit eco-minded. But the company also offers unique touches like we’ve not seen elsewhere. Its contrasting black on black cards are head turners, for sure.

Earth friendly and beautiful to boot. What more can you ask for? How about ultimate convenience.

FedEx – When Convenience is Key

The FedEx/Kinko’s partnership really shines with this one. Walk into any of their brick and mortar locations and you can design your cards on the spot. But if you want to delve in to the company’s site, you’ll find that there’s a wealth of available options for getting the perfect card and having it delivered to your doorstep by a name you trust. The site is a bit more utilitarian than the rest, but the FedEx reputation speaks volumes.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that your business card avoids some simple mistakes so that it can stand out from the crowd. The last thing that you want to do is end up on the receiving end of this guy…

(And you don’t want to do that.)

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