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Blockspring: Use the FullContact APIs, No Coding Required

The suite of FullContact APIs is incredibly powerful when it comes to finding out more about people. We know that a lot of you would love to use our APIs, but you don’t have the experience or resources necessary to code an application. Today the entire suite of FullContact APIs is available to everyone because of a company called Blockspring.

What Is Blockspring

Blockspring bills itself as a way to “program without writing a line of code”. The company allows you to take APIs and plug them into things like spreadsheets and chat programs. For the FullContact Person API, you simply paste your API key, add an email address and then you’ll get a display of all of the information that we have about the person behind the email.

In talking to the folks at Blockspring, they tell us that people have already been building some really cool stuff by using FullContact and other APIs. For example:

Sales: After finding leads on Twitter, use FullContact inside of Blockspring to gather structured data such as the person’s employer, their domain and first and last name. From there you can combine that data with email-hunter and then use information from Bing to send a personalized email via Gmail. Oh and you can do it for hundreds of people at once.

List Cleanup: Take cluttered, unstructured data such as location or names and use FullContact inside of Blockspring to clean up your internal lists.

The possibilities are pretty huge, and limited only by what you can dream up. Best of all, Blockspring makes it incredibly easy to use the entire suite of FullContact APIs, no matter what your level of technical ability.

We love seeing what people build with the FullContact APIs, and we’re excited to see what you do with them inside of Blockspring. If you come up with a cool tool of your own, let us know in the comments.

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