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Boomerang Calendar Review

Schedule Group Meetings from Gmail with Boomerang Calendar

If you’ve been on the Internet any time at all, chances are pretty good that you’ve had the displeasure of trying to coordinate meeting times between different people over email. Unless you happen to have access to another person’s calendar, it’s not the easiest of tasks. But Boomerang Calendar has proven to be absolutely invaluable to me, so I wanted to make sure that you knew about it as well.

What is Boomerang Calendar

Boomerang Calendar is a Chrome extension made by a company called Baydin Software. The Baydin folks cut their teeth in the world of email, creating Boomerang, which is an extension that lets you send and receive email when it’s convenient for you.

With the idea of time management in mind, the team set out to make scheduling meetings easier. They knew that we all did that scheduling over email, so it only made sense to build the system into your email as well. Unfortunately, since it’s a Chrome extension, you’ll need to be using that browser. It also only works inside of Gmail at present, but the service certainly has enough market share to justify that choice.

Boomerang Calendar will seek out times that are noted in email, and show you them in colors to let you know if you’re available, busy or have an adjacent calendar entry, such as an all-day event.

Plan Group Meetings in Gmail

Though the meeting detection feature is pretty cool, the ability to plan group meetings is really the killer feature for Boomerang Calendar. But how does it work? It’s really very simple. Just start composing an email, and then look at the bottom of your compose window. You’ll see a section like this:

Click on the Boomerang Calendar icon (it’s the first of the three) and you’ll be able to click and drag to suggest meeting times. Your recipients will get an email asking if those times work. When they click yes or no, you’ll get a response showing a grid that lays out the replies from all of your meeting attendees.

Your attendees will see an email that looks like this:

Once all replies are finished, you’re given the chance to click a button to send an invitation to the meeting.

For anyone who ever finds themselves having to schedule meetings, Boomerang Calendar is a must-have. While we’ve seen other products come and go, the Baydin team appears to be dedicated to keeping its Calendar app in the forefront.

We’re big fans of apps that make our lives easier, whether for work for for play. Have a favorite of your own? Drop a comment and let’s take a look.

Image: Richie Graham via Flickr

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