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analyze sales leads with builtwith

How to Analyze Websites with BuiltWith.com

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This week, we review BuiltWith.com, a service that helps determine what technology was used to build a website.

(Don’t worry, we won’t end the Two-Minute Drill with a horrible call like the replacement refs did on Monday Night Football.)

Video Transcript: Analyze Websites with BuiltWith.com

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking out The Two Minute Drill presented by FullContact.

This week we are checking out a site called Builtwith.com. BuiltWith is essentially a listening tool that will find different technologies that websites are using around the web. It specifically has a program called Trends Pro if you go over here and click on the right tab. Trends Pro becomes a lead generation tool for your company based on different technologies that sites are using.

So, you can sign up for a free account.

Once you’re logged in you can go to ‘create technology report.’ You can either type in a technology name – let’s say you either wanted search for Salesforce or WordPress or whatever it may be – or you can browse by type. So I’m going to browse by type, let’s just say “ecommerce.”

I want to know all the sites that are using big commerce. I’m going to go to “create report.” It pulls up some information. Then let’s go: “review report.” It shows me 7,914 results or websites that they know are using the big commerce shopping or ecommerce platform. From there I can pull all of the data for the reports. There’s three different subscription levels that I can do; a one-off report all the way up to a monthly subscription.

The data that is going to be returned is going to be anything from contact name, contact email, company information, so on and so forth. That data can either be pulled out into a CSV or exported into your CRM.

So it’s super useful. Helps you create sales leads based on technology as opposed to traditional verticals and things like that. So go over to Builtwith.com – Trends Pro is the product, check it out.

Hope you guys like it and we’ll see you next week.

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