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Because Business IS Personal, with FullContact CEO Bart Lorang [Podcast]

Written By:
Kelsey Anderson

[Listening Time: 20:40] Bart Lorang is CEO and founder of FullContact, a Denver-based SaaS company, and Managing Director of v1.vC, an early-stage venture capital firm that loves to help other entrepreneurs build meaningful businesses. 2017 winner of the Top Rated CEO Award by Owler, Bart is a rare combination of head and heart, ideas and process, leader and learner who invests heavily in human equity to drive exceptional results.

Listen in as SendGrid’s CMO, Scott Heimes interviews Bart on his back story and how he values his investments in time, people and deals.

What you’ll learn in this episode

  • How he took a fundamental problem and grew it into a fast-growth organization on 3 continents [4:20]
  • How to tap into your authentic style by leveraging a stable of diverse mentors [14:02]
  • Why he strives to be a transformative leader [14:51]
  • One powerful level-setting question he uses to lead every team meeting for optimal results [15:55]
  • Why FullContact lovingly forces their team members to get off the grid by investing in paid, paid vacations [19:38]
  • His secret to creating a balanced home and professional life [18:46]
  • Why Colorado is fast becoming the place to attract top tech talent [11:36]
  • A unique angel investing approach that supports entrepreneurs who have big ideas [9:19]
  • BONUS:  How one of v1.vC investment breakouts, Allbirds, is changing the way Silicon Valley dresses (and how you can look just as cool for under $100) [10:57]

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