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‘Press Box’ Posts from FullContact

Get Started with Enrich API

What’s New and How to Get Started with our Enrich API

We’ve just released the most advanced API on our next generation platform, the Enrich API. The new API provides the person and company data enrichment you’ve come to know and love from our legacy Person and Company APIs, yet includes another level of capabilities to improve querying options, receive real-time data updates, and customize your…

Get better at building rapport

From the Playbook: Get Better at Creating Rapport

It’s the era of relationship-based selling…and relationships in general. Web 2.0 may have brought everything into one place, but ironically the world seemed a bit more disjointed. Building rapport is the first step to engaging in a relationship, and S. Anthony Iannarino has some amazing tips on helping you to break through the ice.

Future of API design

From the Playbook: The Future of API Design

There’s an incredible article this week from the folks over at The Next Web that tackles a difficult subject – The future of API design. Written by Netflix’s Daniel Jacobson, the piece delves into perhaps the deepest of questions for API creators – Who is the primary audience for the API, and how can you optimize for them?

Build a squeaky clean database

From the Playbook: Keeping a Squeaky Clean Database

The folks over at Marketo have put together a great blog post this week that focuses on keeping the data in your CRM clean. They list 5 steps, which should all be relatively easy, but almost all of them rely on you using the right tools for the job.

You have 30 days to convert a customer

From the Playbook – You Have 30 Days to Convert a Customer

There’s a great piece this week from the folks over at Intercom that talks about the timeline that you have for turning a lead into a paying customer. While it does cover some of the basics that we all should know by now, there’s some in-depth discussion that’s definitely worth your time to read. In the article, Alan O’Rourke goes into the conversion metrics for many of your favorite companies like Twitter and Dropbox.