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Get better at building rapport

From the Playbook: Get Better at Creating Rapport

It’s the era of relationship-based selling…and relationships in general. Web 2.0 may have brought everything into one place, but ironically the world seemed a bit more disjointed. Building rapport is the first step to engaging in a relationship, and S. Anthony Iannarino has some amazing tips on helping you to break through the ice.

Future of API design

From the Playbook: The Future of API Design

There’s an incredible article this week from the folks over at The Next Web that tackles a difficult subject – The future of API design. Written by Netflix’s Daniel Jacobson, the piece delves into perhaps the deepest of questions for API creators – Who is the primary audience for the API, and how can you optimize for them?

Build a squeaky clean database

From the Playbook: Keeping a Squeaky Clean Database

The folks over at Marketo have put together a great blog post this week that focuses on keeping the data in your CRM clean. They list 5 steps, which should all be relatively easy, but almost all of them rely on you using the right tools for the job.

Entrepreneur skills

From the Playbook – 3 Skills Entrepreneurs Need

There’s an interesting conundrum about those people who want to be entrepreneurs – They need skills that you simply can’t learn. You’re either born with them, or you’ll go through life wondering why you weren’t.

You have 30 days to convert a customer

From the Playbook – You Have 30 Days to Convert a Customer

There’s a great piece this week from the folks over at Intercom that talks about the timeline that you have for turning a lead into a paying customer. While it does cover some of the basics that we all should know by now, there’s some in-depth discussion that’s definitely worth your time to read. In the article, Alan O’Rourke goes into the conversion metrics for many of your favorite companies like Twitter and Dropbox.