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‘API Release’ Posts from FullContact

Developing Our Next Generation API

A big focus for us here at FullContact is our next generation APIs, including the release of our new Enrich API. Here are a few examples of how our focus on the developer experience surfaces itself through the design and capabilities of our next generation APIs.

Introducing the FullContact Company API

The Person API has proven itself to be the world’s most powerful tool for adding publicly-accessible data about people, and today we’re doing the same thing for companies with the FullContact Company API.

FullContact Person API - Get social media profiles from an email address or phone number

FullContact Person API – Now With More Pinterest

We’re always looking for new and interesting data points to add to the suite of FullContact APIs. Over the past few months we’ve been quietly testing a Pinterest search target that will help to add a wealth of information. Today we’re excited to announce that the Pinterest search target is available for all FullContact Person API users. Queries to the Person API can now return a Pinterest username and URL, as well as followers and following count.

Person API location deduction

FullContact Person API Gets Improved Location Data

We’re excited to announce that we have rolled out new functionality that combines the best of our Person API with our Location API. It only makes sense, right? You now have granularity and greater control over the location data you receive from FullContact.