‘Card Reader Release’ Posts from FullContact

FullContact Card Reader Sunset

Saying Goodbye to Card Reader

To create a better experience for our users, today we’re sunsetting Card Reader and rolling its functionality into our flagship FullContact apps.

FullContact Card Reader 3.2 – Now with Card Packs

We’ve heard many of you tell us that you love the app, but that a subscription model just doesn’t make sense for you. Maybe you only collect a few cards each month, or you only attend a couple of events each year. We heard you – so in the new version of Card Reader, you can now pay for only the cards you need to use.

Card Reader for iOS v3.0

FullContact Card Reader 3.0 Adds Tags, Boosts Performance and Much More

FullContact Card Reader users who were scanning business cards into Salesforce have had the ability to classify their contacts, and we wanted to extend that function to other users as well. So with the version 3.0 release of FullContact Card Reader, we’ve added a Tag functionality that integrates directly with your FullContact Address Book.

Android Business Card Reader

Announcing FullContact’s Business Card Reader for Android

Today we’re excited to announce FullContact Card Reader for Android. It’s the easiest way for Android users to add business cards to their device or into Salesforce. Just snap a photo of a card, then real people will transcribe it for you. Accurate contact data is added back to your phone.

Salesforce iPhone Business Card Reader for Teams

How 2 Minutes Can Hurt Your Business

It only takes 2 minutes to enter a business card into Salesforce. But with an entire Sales team, those numbers add up fast. Which is why today we’re happy to introduce FullContact Card Reader for Teams.