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7 Ways to Kill Your Productivity

We’ve been on a bit of a serious kick here on the FullContact blog lately, discussing CRM, deep technology topics, and (of course) products to make your life easier. But today we’re going to take a break from that to address some things that you’re doing to yourself that are killing your daily productivity.

What this CEO Learned from a Day on the Help Desk

I like to say: “Startups are hard. Scaling a startup is even harder.”

Scaling equals more people. More people equals more complexity. More complexity equals more communication challenges, and when it comes to communication, nobody has figured out how to invent the Borg collective yet (but the folks over at Google are trying).

Escape from LinkedIn

Escape from LinkedIn

This isn’t just a LinkedIn problem. All of these platforms want you to communicate solely within them. It’s the balkanization of communication protocols, and it’s killing the Internet.