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Social Insights add color to customers

How Legacy Brands Can Use Social Insights to Combat Declining Market Share

According to recent stats, 90% of major CPG brands recently lost market share. Over half of these legacy brands also experienced revenue declines. These losses come at the hands of more nimble, ‘digital native’ brands that are exploiting unmet product niches, direct-to-customer business models and more customer-centric marketing playbooks that include social insights.

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Micro-influencers drive ~7x the engagement of the average macro-influencer. How do you identify the micro-influencers among your followers?

TAKEN. Starring your contacts.

Imagine receiving a notification that your personal contact information has been taken hostage. As your contacts wait to be rescued, you wonder if they are suffering as they sit helplessly in some lonely data center. Unfortunately for your address book, you’re not Liam Neeson. What do you do? Recently LinkedIn removed the ability for users…

I Quit Networking and My Network Finally Grew

I believe in the value of a good network, and I know that success in life is all about people. Today, my personal and professional network is amazing and growing more valuable to me every day. But, I didn’t get to the point of having a valuable network by networking. This is how it happened and…

Linkedin's terms of service

LinkedIn's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad TOS

Of all of the topics that I see, LinkedIn and its practices has to be one of the most pervasive. On any given day you can find someone praising the platform while another person tears it apart. It is, perhaps, one of the most polarizing topics in the world of contacts and relationships. With over 300 million registered users worldwide, the chances of these conversations changing are pretty slim.