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‘Startups’ Posts from FullContact

Gritty Founder Interview Bart Lorang

Gritty Founder Podcast Interview with FullContact Founder Bart Lorang

Success. Candor. And key insights from FullContact’s founder. I’ve never heard a life story anything like Bart Lorang’s. I say that having read dozens of books and content over the years about entrepreneurs and business insights. The fact that Bart built and sold his first company while he was still in high school is just…

Still Scaling Up: Revisiting the Visionary-Integrator Duo Six Months Later

Our CEO and co-founder Bart Lorang revisits the Visionary-Integrator duo, implemented at FullContact six months ago with the appointment of President & COO, Tim Prunk. Since our inception, FullContact has always been about relationships with the people who matter most. When I knew that I could no longer fulfill the duties of both a Visionary…

What Being Awesome With People Means To Me— Community Outreach

At FullContact, we work hard to make sure we are embodying our core values both inside and outside of the office. In this blog by Product Manager, Jess Nolan, she explains how she turns those words into actions. In my three years at FullContact, one of my favorite things about working here is still the openness…

When Experimentation Leads to Innovation: Machine Learning at FullContact

At FullContact, we’re always experimenting with new technologies and techniques. Machine learning has come into vogue as of late, and has shown some impressive results within our company and without. Recently, we had an opportunity to apply some machine learning to improve our handling of job title data we find throughout the web. The choice,…

Naming your startup matters

What’s In a (Company) Name?

Names matter. We probably know this fact more than most companies. For those who aren’t familiar with FullContact history, we weren’t always the bastions of intelligent naming that you see before you today. Oh no. We started off life as “Rainmaker”. Those updates that we do to your contacts? We used to charge for each one of them. They were called “Raindrops”.

Yep. We’ve learned a thing or two.

What this CEO Learned from a Day on the Help Desk

I like to say: “Startups are hard. Scaling a startup is even harder.”

Scaling equals more people. More people equals more complexity. More complexity equals more communication challenges, and when it comes to communication, nobody has figured out how to invent the Borg collective yet (but the folks over at Google are trying).