‘Two-Minute Drill’ Posts from FullContact

Swiss army knife of business tools

WORK[etc] Is the Swiss Army Knife of Business Management Tools

One of the great parts about the modern Internet is how it allows teams to work from anywhere, using pieces of software as they need them. However this same factor is also leading to what I lovingly call “SaaS Creep”. We sign up for a service, use it for a while and then forget about it while we keep paying for it. WORK[etc] is a tool that can keep your distributed team organized, while simultaneously helping you to avoid SaaS Creep.

Stack of letters

Owletter Keeps Tabs on Your Competition’s Email Marketing

Let’s start off by killing the idea that email marketing is dead. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Changes to how many providers handle emails have forced marketers to become more genuine and to work harder, but all that’s happened is that the bar has been raised.

Gmail Meter Email Stats

Gmail Meter Uses Stats to Help Form Better Email Habits

There’s never a day that goes by that I don’t think “man am I ever buried in email”. But now I can prove it thanks to Gmail Meter. OK, so Gmail Meter does quite a bit more than just prove how much email is coming through your inbox. In fact, if you put it to work for you, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself being more productive.

Sweetprocess Employee Onboarding

SweetProcess Makes Knowledge Sharing Easier Than Ever

As your business grows, one of the problems that you’ll almost undoubtedly run into is finding the best way to share information on procedures around your company. Great SOPs (standard operating procedures) are core to making sure that everyone is trained the same way, has access to the same information and is distributing that information in the designated way. SweetProcess is the best way we’ve seen to make sure that your SOPs are accessible and always up to date.

Use RivalIQ for marketing intelligence

Rival IQ is the Easiest Way to Become a Marketing Genius

Almost without fail, the smartest people I know understand one important fact – They don’t know all of the answers. Businesses of every size are expected to be able to get ahead of their competition, even when those competitors are behemoths. But with so many important metrics to track, how can teams keep on top of all of it? Rival IQ appears to be one answer.

SocialRank review

Find Your Most Valuable Twitter Followers with SocialRank

Your company has amassed a pretty nice group of followers on Twitter. But how can you tell which ones are going to be most beneficial to it? While many brands turn to Klout to get insight about their followers, a new application called SocialRank takes a slightly different approach. In this week’s Two-Minute Drill we’ll dive in and show you what you’ll find.