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Introducing the FullContact Company API

At FullContact, we’re always looking for new ways that we can help people get a better picture of the world in which they’re working. You already know that the Person API is an incredibly powerful took for accessing data about people. Today we’re doing the same thing for businesses with the FullContact Company API.

The release of the Company API is in answer to developers who have long requested the ability to surface company information. This sort of info can help you create meaningful connections between your users and the companies that they’re trying to access. Best of all, integrating the Company API is every bit as simple as working with any of FullContact’s other API offerings.

When you’re just wanting to add company data to your application, the Company API will make short work of the task. When you really want to supercharge your application, combine the Company API with the FullContact Person API to give your users a complete picture of not only the person, but also their organization.

If you’re curious about Company API results, you can see a real-world example inside of FullContact for Gmail. The Company tab has been showing FullContact for Gmail users information about their contacts’ companies since the extension’s release.

For developers, the Company API can return a vast array of information:

  • Basic info, such as domain, name and traffic rank
  • Social background including follower info, bios and images sourced from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase, etc
  • Contact details, email, corporate HQ address, phone, and fax
  • Company overview, size, formation date, images and logos and Wiki style article about the company
  • Category (Email provider, educational facility, etc)
  • Language locale (if known)
  • Other company URLs such as RSS Feeds and blogs
  • Keywords

Want to dive in and find out more? Check out the Company API docs. Ready to give your application an information boost? All you need is an API key. The FullContact Company API is included with any of our plans, and you can get started for free.

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