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Continuing the Journey

Today, we announced that we’ve raised another $25M in capital from Foundry Group, Baird Capital, Shea Ventures and Blue Note Ventures.

At FullContact, our mission is to help the world fully connect, master its contacts, and be awesome with people. This capital helps us achieve our mission. That, and it helps pay for a lot of Paid Paid Vacations. :-)

Once upon a time, I tried to raise money, and that took 126 NOs before I succeeded. Now, over the past five years, we’ve raised about $50M in capital.

That’s pretty good for something one investor told me was “a feature.”

Now, five years later, FullContact is THE dominant contact management platform in the market. (Note: If you’re not using FullContact, you really should sign up.)

So, this fundraising event is a good milestone to celebrate.

But every entrepreneur should never forget – fundraising events are only milestones and don’t guarantee success in the long run. All it means is that you have the resources – capital – to execute on your plan.

Building a company from scratch is a long, spectacularly difficult journey that’s not for the faint of heart. In fact, even though I’ve made the journey a few times, sometimes I think it’s damn near impossible.

I believe this hardship is why there’s a special relationship between CEOs.

I believe it’s also why you should think about the company in five-year increments.

I also believe that scaling up requires some healthy dysfunction.

It’s also why I believe in the use of a personal check-in at work.

It’s also why i believe you should make sure to Be Awesome With Yourself along the way.

But more than anything, I believe that success in life is all about people. And I’m thrilled to continue the long, difficult journey with the FullContact team.

They amaze me every single day with their dedication, innovation and hard work. So Gang, thank you – this wouldn’t be possible without you.

And of course, if you’d like to join our team, we’re hiring.

Stay fully connected and master your contacts.

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