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Coworking Rocks and Here's Why

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Last week, we just moved into our new FullContact Command Center, located in the heart of LoDo in Denver, Colorado.

Prior to that, while we were negotiating our new office space and waiting on buildout, our temporary home was at Uncubed, a killer new coworking space near LoDo.

Coworking is not a new idea to many developers, especially those of us in startups. Many of us have been doing it for years, leaving the cube or home office behind and spending the day in a coffee shop, bookstore, or anywhere with a power outlet and WiFi. Perhaps it’s merely a chance to get out of the office and bounce ideas off of other techies, perhaps its just a change of scenery, but we’ve noticed that more and more people are coworking these days.

Coworking facilities like Uncubed offer all the collaboration of a technology-steeped coffee shop without all of the guilt that comes with paying for 8 hours of desk space, power and wifi with the purchase of a mere triple pump non-fat soy extra hot caloriccino.

We spent the last 8 weeks at Uncubed and we loved it. It provided a great transition for us after our experience at TechStars. Our FullContact team of awesome engineers (oh btw, we’re hiring) got the chance to share problems with engineers from other tech companies. This bettered everyone involved and often brought fresh insights to challenges we were working on.

Want to try it out? If you’re in the Denver area and you’re looking for something central and close to the main highways, check out Uncubed.

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