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From the Playbook – What Scares Your CTO?

Each week, we gather the greatest things that we’ve read and compile them into the FullContact Weekly Playbook. On Friday’s we wanted to take one of these stories and feature it on our blog as well. This week we start with a thought-provoking piece from Keen IO, focusing on the greatest fears of CTOs.

Here’s one example from JJ Zhuang, CTO of Acompli

What is your biggest fear?

By now enterprise mobile apps are so ubiquitous that it’s really easy to forget this is a serious business. Our users’ data is private, personal, and confidential. We must assess every possible security risk in every corner of our system to ensure our users’ data is safe at all times. We must earn our users’ trust by taking all the right steps to protect their data. This is something that keeps me awake at night, and rightly so.

It’s all too easy to forget that there are real people whose lives can be impacted, be that positively or negatively, by the products that we build. Focusing on the human issues can be a scary proposition, but it should be a requirement for everyone in your organization. Customers first.

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