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FullContact API Ruby Library Contest

Develop A FullContact Ruby Library For A Chance To Win $750

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Are you a Ruby developer? How would you like to win $750? We’re looking for experienced Ruby programmers to help us develop a Ruby Wrapper Library for all of the FullContact API methods. That’s where you come in.

We’ve partnered with CloudSpokes, the leader in cloud programming challenges, to create our second developer challenge. Check out the official challenge requirements, develop a Ruby Wrapper Library for the FullContact APIs, and submit your entry before April 16th, 2012 for your chance to win.

Challenge Requirements

The purpose of this library is to make working with the FullContact APIs as enjoyable as possible for Ruby developers. A developer should be able to install your library, configure their apiKey, and begin using the FullContact methods easily and quickly, without having to write any boilerplate code to interface with the API.

We have a current version of our Ruby library up at the FullContact Github repo. You can use this as your starting point, or you can start from scratch and design your own library from the ground up. The current version of our Ruby library only implements the Person methods. We’d like your library to provide an interface for every single API method FullContact provides, including the following:

  • Person
    • Lookup by Email
    • Lookup by Twitter
    • Lookup by Phone
    • Lookup by Facebook
    • *Webhook method for all lookups (see webhookUrl/webhookId)
  • Cloud Address Book
    • User
      • Authenticate
    • Contact List
      • Create
      • Delete
      • List of Lists
      • List of Contacts
      • Queue for Enrichment
      • Clear List
    • Contact
      • Create or Modify
      • Get Contact
      • Delete Contact
      • Has Updates
      • Get Updates
      • Gets Saved or Enriched
      • History
    • Snapshot
      • Create Snapshot
      • List Snapshots
    • Subscription
      • Create Subscription
      • List Subscription
      • Delete Subscription
  • Name
    • Name Normalization
    • Name Deducer
    • Name Similarity
    • Name Stats
    • Name Parser
  • Icon
  • Provisioning
  • Batch Process

Because other programmers will be working with your code, and incorporating it into their projects, all functions must be documented in detail in the code. We also require that all of your code is test covered. Remember, we’re judging this competition not just on the code, but also on the quality of the documentation, test coverage, and ease of use.

Submission Details

Upload a zip file containing your local Git repository of all of your source code and documentation. Include a readme.txt file with a basic overview of your Ruby library, usage instructions, and any other pertinent information we should take into consideration during judging. Your submission will be judged by a panel of peers based upon this criteria.

Additional Info

All of the FullContact APIs are documented in detail in the FullContact API Documentation. Sign up for a free API key to start testing your code immediately. (*The Person method is a paid endpoint, and is limited to 250 matches per month on our free plan. If you hit your limit, please email robbie@fullcontact.com.)

We’ll judge the entries and announce the winner on April 25th. First place will receive a $750 cash prize, second place will get $250.

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