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On the Ground at #DF13 – Notes from Day 1

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Dreamforce. Oh, Dreamforce. Last week I wrote a post with tips on how to survive Dreamforce as a rookie. A little counterintuitive considering this year is my first. However, I can tell you after one day I am very glad I did my research.

Here are a few things I learned from Day 1:

1. No matter how much you think you’ve prepared, you haven’t.

I spent the first hour completely in awe and overwhelmed by the amount of people that have descended on Moscone. In the keynote this morning Benioff shared the number of attendees is 135,000. That is pure craziness. That being said, it is a well planned and well run production with plenty of people around to ask for help. As I sit here typing now I am completely comfortable with the 100s of people I can see.

2. Learn the campus.

Even if you’ve been to SF or Moscone it is vital that you learn where everything is so that you can quickly move between sessions and keynotes and parties. Like I said before, you can always ask the people in blue.

3. Sign up for every party.

Even if you can’t make it to a party, it is nice to have the option. The networking events were the most comfortable place to talk to new people. I also wore my wing bandits so people started coming up to me and I had an instant icebreaker. I would recommend that everyone wear something that stands out. TOA technologies has been on the ground in full 60s hippie attire and are getting a lot of buzz among all the dress pants and sport jackets (they are also giving away a VW van).

4. Grab the backpack and walk around.

I am loving my Dreamforce backpack. Beyond being a really nerdy souvenir – it has allowed me to break one of my recommendations and take my laptop with me everywhere. I’m not slowed down at all and I’ve got everything on my back (I do carry a Macbook Air and I had to write this blog). I’ve been walking the two miles to and from my hotel and I love it.


This is the single most important thing. You will run out of power. And you will need to sit and charge. Maybe in a hallway or a session or even a bathroom (Carly and I did this already). Bring a small surge protector or splitter too. That way you can multicharge even on one outlet.

6. Get Coffee at Blue Bottle Cafe.

It’s delicious and close to campus (66 Mint St.) Perfect for the mid-afternoon slump. Be aware to block off 30 minutes because there is usually a big line .

7. Be nice and make friends.

At Dreamforce I have already been lucky enough to make some great connections. Everyone here is a potential customer so I am on my A game. That being said I’m signing off because I have to go hustle.



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