If You Don’t Think You Have a Customer Experience Problem, Think Again

Creating a customer journey used to mean mapping your messaging across channels to move customers further down the funnel. But in the Age of the Customer, it’s not enough to provide the same touches across channels hoping that customers will figure out how your business can benefit them.

Customers expect experiences like personalization and customized messaging — and brands that can’t provide those are getting left behind. For example, Amazon has done a great job of using personal data to anticipate customer needs. They provide everyone that comes to their site with a list of items frequently bought together and show what others purchased along with that item. These two features account for 35% of Amazon’s revenue. This service is useful to consumers and gives them a reason to keep coming back to keep using the site.

With the level of service provided by Amazon and other companies, customers are more open to provide their personal data. In fact, 63% percent of Millennial consumers and 58% of GenX consumers are willing to share data with companies in exchange for personalized offers and discounts.

So how can your brand get the most out of customer data to provide better experiences than your competition?

Channel-Specific Messaging is Key

Part of what makes a great content marketing strategy is providing channel-specific messaging that is customized across different platforms for different audiences. What works on Facebook won’t work on email or for PPC. However, each message on these channels should  highlight the value of your brand. But what can you do to make sure these messages are meeting the right people in the right channels at the right time in their journey?

Using enriched customer data, you can make sure your messaging hits the mark. You can use complete, accurate segmentation and personalization within your target audience to craft custom messages based on the lifestyle, behavioral, and personal interests of your target audience. Understanding the high-quality social, demographic, geographic, and psychographic data of each person inside your CRM will ensure your messaging is customized and compelling for its intended audience.

Omnichannel Strategy is Achievable

The idea of allowing your customers’ journey to begin in one channel and end in another seems obvious, but the execution proves more complex. Handing customers off between channels often means that somewhere in the process, they drop off, either because of a lack of interest or feeling the product no longer serves their needs.

Think of successful marketing tactics that have worked on you. A customer lands on your page, visits a few pages, signs up for your mailing list and then leaves. In their Facebook feed, they see a customer success story reiterating value points that resonate with them. The subtly startles them. Is Facebook accessing their microphone? Fortunately for you, it’s as simple as accessing their person and company data. You’ve found their email address and connected that to public person data like their Twitter handle. The messaging that they are seeing applies to their interests and affinities. It’s meaningful, impactful and scarily accurate.

Customer Listening is Learning

If you’re not listening, you’re already losing. There are many businesses that provide a similar service, at a different price point or with an easier integration. How your brand interacts with customers can be the key differentiator to standing out from the masses.

As our VP of Marketing, Scott Axcell put it:

“The best way to treat our customers as humans is to listen to them. When they call with a problem, don’t treat them like a service ticket that needs to be resolved – have a conversation with them…Too many organizations are afraid of their customers, and are structured so that customers don’t have a positive and easy way to interact with them.”

We all know bad customer experiences can translate into dollars lost. To mitigate that, you can arm your customer success teams with accurate person data that provides a more personal, human-to-human interaction. Use these insights to enhance context around the customer and build personalized responses that improve the lifetime value of the customer.

Are you ready to expand your view of your customers and create better experiences? Get a free insights report to see how FullContact’s suite of customer intelligence APIs can help grow your business.

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