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Driving Explosive Growth from Your Email Program

Written By:
Scott Heimes

Today, over 205 billion emails are sent by over 2.5 billion users. To better understand the email space, it’s important to understand the past, how far we’ve come and how the channel and medium has grown.

Ray Tomlinson sent the first email back in 1971. And since then email has grown… a lot. Over the course of four decades it has grown to billions of emails every day. Email still uses the same basic underlying infrastructure and protocols that were created by Tomlinson in the 1970s but what has changed about email is how we use it, the way it connects our various other communication modalities and the value that it brings to us as consumers and marketers alike.

SendGrid, the leading delivery platform for customer communication that drives engagement and growth, is a driving force in the email industry as one of the single largest senders of volume with over 1.5 billion emails flowing through the platform each day. In fact, just last month, we sent our one trillionth email!

In working with and advising over 50,000 customers, we know that email has become a key vehicle for customer communication and business growth and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Email is the foundation of a successful customer communication strategy and plays a vital role in driving growth and the bottom line. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association, the average return on investment of email is $38 for every $1 invested. Companies that can effectively harness the power of email with the right strategy can drive explosive growth for their business.

Next week at the FullContact Connect Conference, I’ll be sharing insights and customer examples to reveal the rules we’ve developed for building a strong and effective email program. I’ll share actionable insights on email deliverability and demystify the art and science behind ensuring your emails get to the inbox. The key areas that we’ll be focusing on, and that are critical to a successful strategy are design, content, contextualization and hyper-personalization, globalization and deliverability.

One key component of the contextualization strategy is hyper-personalization and the impact it can have on engagement and delivery. True personalization is much easier said than done and can be tough given the incomplete view we have of our customers.

That said, we’re excited to share more next week about a new partnership between SendGrid and FullContact that will ease the process of leveraging email data to attain customer insights and create unique personas and profiles to drive hyper-personalization and engagement. Come visit us at the FullContact Connect Conference May 10-12, 2017 at the Curtis Hotel in Denver, CO and listen to my presentation on Driving Explosive Growth from Your Email Program on Friday, May 12th from 9:40-10:10 am MT.

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